Wolfe Mountain

The Property

Escape into the landscape that brings millions of visitors to the Ozarks every year. Wolfe Mountain is the first natural setting of its kind in the area, allowing guests to experience the natural beauty of Wolfe Mountain by way of authentic eco-friendly zipline canopy tours. To create an exciting and educational experience for our guests, we have seamlessly combined Ozarks ecological and geographical facts, with an engaging, fictional storyline that brings the history and ecological wonders of the area to life like never before!

From our beginning, ecological consciousness has governed the development of our experiences at Wolfe Mountain. Prior to constructing the zipline course, the preserve was extensively surveyed to highlight and protect our unique ecological elements. During construction we did not sacrifice the property in order to cut costs. We went so far as using helicopters to set the poles and roofs for our platforms rather than using heavy and destructive (yet less expensive) equipment such as bulldozers. Our attention to detail and commitment to protect this property that we love is evident to each and every visitor.

As a result of our ongoing dedication to caring for this amazing property, the entire grounds are managed by a comprehensive Forestry Management Plan (pdf) . Enjoy the freedom of soaring through the tree canopy while experiencing the rare opportunity of seeing nature in an undisturbed setting. A multitude of wildlife is seen on the preserve. A mother deer with her young, a hawk soaring beside you as you zip down a corridor, bobcats scurrying across the trails, & harmless snakes slithering over rocks are a daily occurrence at Wolfe Mountain.

Wolfe Creek Station

The station is the meeting and check-in area for Wolfe Creek Preserve. All adventures begin here! The station includes a check in area for tours, one of the most unique gift shops in the Ozarks, restrooms, a snack area, and observation decks for watching all of the action! The gift shop includes the things you would expect like really cool shirts and hats and lots of things you wouldn't expect, from Amish goods to nostalgic toys.


We feature exciting adventures for guests of all ages. You can explore the preserve from the air by joining one of our many zipline tours; the Ozarks Explorer Zipline Canopy Tour, the Flying Prospector Zipline Canopy Tour, the Blue Streak Fast Line with Free Fall Xpress or our ultimate adventure - the Canopy Adventure Combo. You won't soon forget the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair or the beauty of the Ozark Mountains as you soar above and through the trees. This is as close as you will ever get to being a bird for a day and taking flight. No experience is necessary and there is something for everyone, whether you are timid or a real thrill seeker.

If you are looking for a behind the scenes view of the preserve join one of our entertaining guides for the Wolfe Creek Photo Safari. Your adventure will begin with an exciting ride up the mountain in one of our authentic Pinzgauer Swiss Army Troop Carriers, which were once used to transport troops through the Swiss Alps. At the top of the mountain you will begin your leisurely descent and enjoy hearing the stories of the area while strolling along the Amish constructed, wooded, downhill path. Midway down the mountain you will be served a refreshing snack before embarking on the remainder of the tour. From your unique vantage point you will be able to capture the excitement of zippers flying by and above while enjoying the true beauty of the area. The Wolfe Creek Photo Safari is fun for all ages and requires limited physical exertion.

And "Calling All Treasure Hunters!" - Search for Eli Wolfe's lost treasure at Ol' Blue's Gemstone Mining Station and take home a one-of-a-kind souvenir. Participants of all ages will enjoy the excitement of hunting for hidden treasure while having the comforts of Wolfe Creek Station readily available. A great adventure before or after zipping, hiking, or while spectating.

Exploring the world around you is only part of what an experience at Wolfe Creek Preserve is all about; the other half is an intrinsic survey of self through challenge by choice. Through our authentic Zipline Canopy Tours, you will be able to test your physical limits and overcome fears and inabilities to do for self through a safe and encouraging challenge that scales to fit your needs and ultimately offers participant control.

Thrilling and educational, you will find much more than an enjoyable few hours at Wolfe Creek Preserve; you will find an opportunity for personal growth while "Soaring into Adventure!"