Amish Influence

You will likely see some Amish workers during your visit to Wolfe Mountain. We are often asked about them and where they are from. There is a thriving Amish community in Seymour, Missouri which is about one hour Northeast of us. Members of that Amish community have been very active in some of the construction projects at Wolfe Mountain.

The timber frame front porch, Explorer balcony, and Prospector Pavillion were all hand constructed by local Amish crews. The trail for the Wolfe Creek Photo Safari was built by the Amish, as well as much of the walkways and small bridges along the tour. The RR tie retaining walls and parts of the building facade were also completed by Amish craftsmen. We have on display two authentic Amish wagon/buggies which are popular for photos. Additionally, we feature a variety of authentic Amish products in our gift shop.

So, yes, the rumors are true - we do normally have an Amish crew working somewhere on the Mountain. You never know just what type of project we might have them working on.

Exploring the world around you is only part of what an experience at Wolfe Mountain is all about; the other half is an intrinsic survey of self through challenge by choice. Through our authentic Zipline Canopy Tours, you will be able to test your physical limits and overcome fears and inabilities through a safe and encouraging challenge that scales to fit your needs and ultimately offers participant control.

Thrilling and educational, you will find much more than an enjoyable few hours at Wolfe Mountain; you will find an opportunity for personal growth while "Soaring into Adventure!"