Meet the Guides

October 12, 2013

Meet the Guides: Cory Brown

  Cory would describe himself as fearless, funny and composed. We agree with him and are so excited to have him here on staff. We strive to find the best of the best when it comes to our guides. We look for guides that will keep you calm when soaring through the trees, entertain you with the Legend of the Wolfe family, and safely guide you through the course to have a bird’s eye view of the Wolfe Creek Preserve. […]
September 10, 2013

The Meek’s 63rd Wedding Anniversary

Here at the Branson Zipline we often get to experience major life events with our guests such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even wedding proposals. This past week we had the pleasure of ziplining with Marion and Robert Meeks for the third time and celebrating their wedding anniversary. They are celebrating their 63rd anniversary this year. They first zipped with us in 2010 to celebrate their 60th anniversary and returned the next year with their family to celebrate their 61st. After […]
September 6, 2013

Meet the Guides: Alex McCormick

Alex hails from just up the road in good ol’ Springfield, Missouri. This is Alex’s first season out here with us, and he already has many adoring fans. You can check out his tour with some of his guests, the Scheller’s, HERE on our Facebook page. Alex first experienced Branson Zipline 2 years ago when he came out and zipped with us as a guest.  Now he has made his way back to Branson Zipline as a guide. Alex loves […]
July 20, 2013

Meet the Guides: Chelsey Hadley

  Though she’s originally from Santa Cruz, CA, Chelsey has established herself in Missouri both as a guide here at Branson Zipline and as a student at Evangel University in Springfield. Chelsey just graduated in December with a degree in Business Management (achieved with the help of her avid coffee addiction)! We’re impressed with Chelsey’s accomplishments in school as well as her many contributions to Branson Zipline! Not only is Chelsey an exceptional guide, but she also works at Wolfe […]
October 21, 2012

Meet the Guides: Paul Weingartner

Paul Weingartner is a true sport and adventure enthusiast. When we asked him what his favorite sports and outdoor activities are, he said “everything”! And, we believe him. Paul enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, playing Frisbee, hiking, driving cars, and doesn’t turn down the opportunity to enjoy any new sport or activity. He loves guiding people through the zipline course, and someday hopes to open an exciting outdoor facility of his own: a mountain biking park. Since he loves […]
October 15, 2012

Meet the Guides: Andrew

Andrew Packwood is a true renaissance man. When he’s not working hard at Wolfe Creek Preserve, you can find him hiking, rock climbing, camping, floating, giving karaoke performances, and attending renaissance festivals. Oh, and did we mention he rides a unicycle? With eclectic interests, a fun-loving personality, and a goal to guide each guest through the most fun zipline experience of their lives, Andrew Packwood is everything we look for in a guide.  We asked Andrew a few questions to […]
October 12, 2012

Meet the Guides: Caleb Foley

Caleb Foley has enough energy to carry himself and his guests through fun-filled days of ziplining. And we’re speaking literally: one time, Caleb carried a little boy on his shoulders for an entire walking tour so that everyone would have the best experience possible. At the end, the little boy told Caleb that he was his best friend. This sweet story is only one example of the enthusiasm and kindness that characterizes our guides. We spoke with Caleb to hear […]
October 8, 2012

Meet the Guides: Kassidy Porter

From nearby Bolivar, Missouri, Kassidy knows firsthand how beautiful Missouri is. However, her love of Missouri hasn’t held her back from traveling to other beautiful places in the world: she’s been to the Great Pyramid, Hawaii, and more. Her desire to explore the world, love of the outdoors, and upbeat personality are all reasons that we love having Kassidy as part of our team of guides. In order to get to know a little bit more about Kassidy and her […]
September 25, 2012

Meet the Guides: Michelle Meltke

Wolfe Creek Preserve is a world-class establishment. Need proof? Guide Michelle Meltke comes to us all the way from Germany! Originally from Germany, Michelle attended boarding school in South Korea before moving to the U.S. six years ago. Along with a cheerful personality, Michelle brings a passion for travel in every form, whether by plane, train or zip line! During the time we’ve been open, we’ve welcomed guests from a variety of different states and countries to our facility. We also love hearing about people’s experiences at ziplines in many different places, because they always comment that Wolfe Creek Preserve is a place that ranks among the top-tier zipline facilities in the world! In addition to our world-class facility, we are proud of our community of guides that truly make Wolfe Creek Preserve the special place that it is. Although Michelle Meltke has traveled the world, we’re happy she landed at Wolfe Creek Preserve. We took an opportunity to sit down with Michelle and ask her a few questions about herself: 1.        What is your favorite part about working for Branson Zipline? I love working with the other guides and learning about guests and why they are ziplining. 2.        What other activities do you enjoy? I love riding horses, art, languages, and cheerleading. 3.        If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Outgoing, fun, and honest. 4.        What made you want to work for Branson Zipline? Actually, it’s kind of a funny story: my mom applied and I tagged along for the interview. I ended up getting an interview that day and now I love my job as a guide! 5.        Are there any special zipline memories or experiences with guests that stand out? I’ve had people who got really emotional (in a good way) and they thanked me for overcoming their fears. Since Michelle is a seasoned traveler, she’s got experience with taking on new challenges and having fun in any situation. As one of her travel tips, Michelle always tells first time zipliners to “trust the guides and the equipment”. It’s not hard to trust in those two elements; our guides are trained for weeks before interacting with guests, and our equipment is nothing less than the best! If you’re interested in meeting world-traveler Michelle, or experiencing our world-class ziplining facility, come out to Wolfe Creek Preserve today! Plus, the season is changing to fall, and that’s Michelle’s favorite season because of the cool weather and relaxing atmosphere it brings. Come on out to Wolfe Creek Preserve and watch the leaves change from the treetops with us!
September 20, 2012

Meet the Guides: Megan Dornin

Wolfe Creek Preserve is a place that offers something for everyone. For a relaxing afternoon, we have rocking chairs on our porches. For a fun day of calm activities, we offer shopping, mining for gold, and a beautiful walk through nature. For those looking for adventure, we offer ziplining. And, for people who don’t get enough of an adrenaline rush from ziplining, we have the Blue Streak Fast Line and Free Fall Xpress. Megan Dornin, one of our guides, is […]