Construction Updates

April 27, 2010

Attention to Detail

With our grand opening just three days away, we are putting the final touches on the details of our course and making numerous test runs to ensure everything meets the expectations of our guests. And honestly, we are truly impressed after our initial batch of test runs. The crew that helped build our course has created zip line courses throughout the world and feel that while the course on Wolfe Creek Preserve is the most challenging job they have had […]
April 23, 2010

Branson Zipline’s Opening Day is Just One Week Away!

We wanted to make a quick post to remind everyone that we will be open for business May 1, just seven days from now! We have already had tremendous response from both locals and visitors, and while we are almost completely sold-out for opening day, there are a few select time slots still available. Of course, our grand opening is not the only day that is filling up fast, and we expect the trend to only continue to escalate once […]
April 16, 2010

The Hiring Process is Complete!

We have hired our guide crew! They began official training on Thursday and will be level 1 Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) – certified by the course’s completion. Additionally, they will be trained in CPR and first aid. Don’t worry though! There is no foreseeable reason foasr them to need to use either talent, but it is better to be safe than sorry. As for the actual course, we are working on a number of finishing touches. From adding […]
April 8, 2010

Branson Zipline Begins to Build Its Team!

Over the past week, we have begun the process of rounding out our team. And while the hiring process is taking up the majority of our time, it has proven to be a fruitful experience – we have currently received over 80 applications for guides from a variety of qualified Ozarkians! Unfortunately, we only need 25 guides, though the large selection will help ensure that we pick only the most qualified applicants to lead our guests. Once hired, all guides […]
April 2, 2010

Branson Zipline Begins to Wrap Up the Construction Details

The heavy rain slowed us down a little today, but not before we made some big strides! The last of the poles for our zip line towers have been set. This was a rather difficult task seeing as each pole rose to 120 feet in height, but it was nothing our crew and a crane couldn’t handle. We also managed to string the zip line that travels from the top of Wolfe Creek Preserve to the final tower – if […]
March 30, 2010

Branson Zipline Guides Are Now ACCT – Certified!

We’ve just returned from a zip line conference in North Carolina and are proud to say that both our general manager and lead guide are Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) – certified! This training and certification goes a long ways in ensuring that guests of Branson Zipline and Canopy Tour are greeted by professional guides that can provide a comprehensive time of adventure and exploration in the Ozark Mountains, and we plan to have every guide ACCT – certified […]
March 19, 2010

The Final Two Towers are Going Up

This weekend, we will be working to put up the last two, and tallest, zip line towers. The two tours will stand 90 feet and 120 feet, and are looking to be one of the more challenging tasks we’ve experienced yet. Thankfully, between our experienced crew and the help of a crane we are actually excited to tackle the task! Those driving along Highway 65 should keep their eyes out this weekend – the sight of 100+ foot poles being […]
March 17, 2010

Branson Zipline Receives Some New Toys!

Over the past few days, we have completed a few finishing touches at Wolfe Creek Preserve that we are excited to share! We have officially paved the road that will lead from Wolfe Creek Station and across Wet Weather Spring to any of our three tour starting points, ensuring that you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains without the inconvenience of having to travel along a bumpy, muddy trail. However, we are even more excited about finally […]
March 12, 2010

Getting Down to the Finishing Touches with Just Months Until Our Grand Opening

Between the progress of the week and potential progress of the weekend, we have a number of things to report. We have begun pouring the foundation for our gift shop, Wolfe Creek Station, and are excited to get it completed and stocked. We don’t want to give away an idea on the exact sort of items we will be carrying just yet, but we think you will pleasantly surprised by the variety – you may even stop by just to […]
March 10, 2010

Branson Zipline Unveils a New Tour Option!

As our grand opening draws ever nearer (May 1), we have added a new, exciting tour to our initial line-up of activities. The tour will be titled the Flying Prospector and offers a 1.5 hour, truncated version of the Ozarks Xplorer. Whether you have experienced the Ozarks Xplorer and are looking for a somewhat different experience at Wolfe Creek Preserve or simply don’t have the time to take in the full 2.5 hour Ozarks Xplorer, the Flying Prospector should help […]