Staff Picks: Holiday Gift Guide: Steven

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December 22, 2013
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December 23, 2013

Steven has been a part of the branson Zipline family since 2011, and recently just added a new member to his family. A beautiful yellow lab named Sydney. Of course when Steven got to make his gift wish list, he chose all doggie related items.

The first item on his list was this Pet Snack Launcher($12.95). This item seems like it would be hilarious.


He also chose this laser($4.99) and pet blinker($8.95). The laser is a toy pretty much any dog will go crazy over and the pet blinker is practical.



Steven lives in the middle of the woods, and when he lets his dog out of night, in the pitch black this is an easy way to keep track of Sydney.4Steven3

Since Sydney is still a puppy Hot Hands ($1.99) will definitely come in handy when potty training Sydney outside on cold winter mornings.


Lastly a Branson Zipline Boomerang($12.95) made the list.


Steven says he has always wanted to learn how to throw a boomerang and what better time to learn now that he has a labrador to retrieve it when it doesn’t quite make it back!