Staff Picks: Holiday Gift Guide: Dave

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December 23, 2013
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December 24, 2013

Dave is our resident handyman and general Mr. Fix-It. Dave has been with us since we started excavation of the site back in January 2010. Dave is an integral part of keeping things running smoothly at Branson Zipline. If you ever get a second to talk to Dave, most likely the conversation will lead to his wonderful grandchildren. Dave can’t talk about his grandkids enough! He loves the little guys more than life itself.

Dave’s first pick was of course gifts for his grandkids. He chose these awesome toy trains.


As well as these hand-carved Bat and Bear slingshots. Every little boys dream is to have free range with a slingshot!


Dave is a huge coffee lover. Every morning when Dave gets to work he fires up the coffee pot, regardless of the temperature outside. These coffee mixes paired with a Branson Zipline mug with a built in spoon is a perfect gift for Dave, or any coffee lover.


Every handy man needs a multi-tool, Dave has tons of these but can never have enough!


Lastly, Dave chose these bottles of Moonshine Hot Sauce. Dave loves spicy food and these are the perfect addition to any home cooked meal.