Staff Picks: Holiday Gift Guide: Julie

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December 20, 2013
Staff Picks: Holiday Guide: Wes
December 21, 2013

In continuing with our Holiday Staff Picks our next featured staff is Julie. Julie has been here since we opened in May 2010. She has worked her way up and is currently one of our Co – Managers. She is also the mother of an adorable 4 year old, Kayna. Julie definitely picked some of the most unique items we have available in our gift shop. First she chose these baabaazuzu mittens. These mittens are made from 100% vintage reclaimed wool. No two mittens are alike, and each is handcrafted. We also have a collection of hats, purses, scarves, and tablet cases made by baabaazuzu.


Secondly she would love this Bunbury Board($49.95). It is a cutting board like no other. By visiting the Bunbury Board website each board can be traced back to the exact tree it came from. These boards are from County Carlow, Ireland. Each one comes with a tree report and a picture detailing the trees location.


Tis the season for hot chocolate. This camping inspired mug ($5.99) was a top choice of Julie’s. Being outside is one of the best parts of working at the zipline, but most morning are accompanied with coffee or hot chocolate!


This next item is a Boho Bandeau($11.95). This wrap can be used in a multitude of ways. It can be used as a headband, head scarf, neck protector, ponytail holder, and the list goes on and on. These come in a variety of colors.


Lastly Julie chose a “KnobStopper.” ($39.95) These cute items are stoppers for leftover wine. These items are handcrafted from antique door knobs and each piece is unique.