Meet Wes Stoner: Sales Manager

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November 1, 2013
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November 6, 2013

Whether your group is experiencing one of our world class Zipline canopy tours or engaging in any of our other activities on site, such as our Wolfe Creek Photo Safari with Safari Dan, panning for gemstones in our Wolfe Creek Mining Station, or enjoying a catered lunch in our beautiful Amish-Made Pavillion, we guarantee you will have a great time, and Wes Stoner is just the guy to make sure your experience is unforgettable. Wes Stoner has been our Sales Manager since April 2012, and we are so elated to have him as a part of our world class staff. Wes’s duties here at the zipline encompass a variety of tasks. Not only does he ensure all of our groups have a great time, he also attends trade shows, acts as liaison between ourselves and different companies in Branson and nationwide, as well as hosting site tours of our property. With so many activities to do around Branson we know that everyone is trying to pack as much excitement into their vacations as possible. We want more than anything to make sure Branson Zipline is apart of those memories. Wes is constantly out and about running around Branson and the surrounding areas putting our best foot forward, and making sure everyone visiting Branson finds their way to Wolfe Creek Preserve.wesdan

To get to know Wes a little better we asked him about his interests and life outside of work. Wes is originally from Cheyenne, WY but has lived all over the MidWest. He loves being outdoors and engaging in all sort of activities: soccer, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and hunting.  When we interview our employees for the Meet the Guides section of our blog we always ask their favorite quote. The majority of the time each guide’s favorite quote has something to do with adventure, and it wasn’t any different in Wes’ case. Wes identifies with the quote, “Live everyday as if it were your last.” Ziplining is very often referred to as being an item on everyone’s “Bucket List.” Wes believes that ziplining is an adventure that is accessible to everyone, and it is his goal to make sure as many people get to experience it as possible.wes zippin

Here at the Branson Zipline we have tons of different groups come zip with us, from high school marching bands to boy scout troops, company weekend getaways to family reunions.  Wes is constantly searching for opportunities to get each and every group he meets out to zip with us. We asked Wes what made him want to work at the Branson Zipline. He spoke of how just the idea of working at the Branson Zipline sounded amazing, but after seeing our facility and hearing the vision of the company he knew that being here would be a perfect fit for his skill set and passions. After working here for a year and a half, he said that one of his favorite parts of working here is seeing people walk through the door and be in awe of all we have to offer here.