The Changing of the Autumn Leaves

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October 28, 2013
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November 5, 2013

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” – Albert Camus


How true this statement is. Time after time when our guides are asked what their favorite season to zip in is, they answer “autumn.” The fall is notoriously beautiful in the Ozarks. Each October tourists make their way to Branson with the changing of the leaves as top billing. Not everywhere in the US can you find as beautiful a scenery as the leaves changing colors in Branson. Autumn is such a great time to come out to zipline because it is a rare chance to be able to zip right through the changing leaves. The first zip on both of our canopy tours, the Ozarks Xplorer and Flying Prospector, land you on Lookout Tower and Compass Tower, respectively. These towers grant you with a perfect view over the entire property and all the changing leaves. Then you drop down into the tree canopy, zipping right through the leaves. When you return from your tour to view your tour photos, you’re greeted with stunning a background for your pictures.


This time of the year all of our guests rave over how truly beautiful zipping through the changing leaves is. Karen and Bill from Peoria, IL filled out an experience form after their tour saying, “Wonderful first-time experience. I’ve passed up a few opportunities to zipline before. So glad I didn’t this time! It was a perfect fall day to zip through the colorful treetops and the staff was great! A very enjoyable experience from a different view!”


Also Michael and Shelly from League City, TX commented saying, “Fun and exciting experience. We wish we had done this sooner. The scenery while flying through the air is beautiful There is actually history of each flight that is educational. All young people need to try this instead of waiting til they are in their 50’s like us! Loved it!”


Don’t miss your opportunity to experience this unique, beautiful time the year. Tours are booking up quick, head over to our website and reserve your spots today!