The Meek’s 63rd Wedding Anniversary

Meet the Guides: Alex McCormick
September 6, 2013
Meet the Guides: Bret Eschman
September 16, 2013

Here at the Branson Zipline we often get to experience major life events with our guests such as birthdays, anniversaries, and even wedding proposals. This past week we had the pleasure of ziplining with Marion and Robert Meeks for the third time and celebrating their wedding anniversary. They are celebrating their 63rd anniversary this year. They first zipped with us in 2010 to celebrate their 60th anniversary and returned the next year with their family to celebrate their 61st. After their first time zipping with us they wrote us telling us how great with time was and how much fun they had. We featured that letter in our brochure as well as a picture taken by their guides, Julie and Kyle the first time they zipped. They have become very special to all of us here at Branson Zipline and we look forward to celebrating with them next year. Check out this video about their time here with us.

[wpvideo cfmLa4CB]