Meet the Guides: Nathan Ross

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July 22, 2013
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July 24, 2013

Nathan Ross has been an adventurous individual since he was young. When he was eight years old, he bungee jumped by his ankles and lived to tell the tale. His passion for exciting excursions outdoors led him to us, where he’s been a guide for almost one year now! Some qualities that make Nathan an excellent guide are his humor, dedication, and focus, all traits that he uses daily to ensure that all guests have fun, safe, and memorable experiences while zipping through the beautiful Ozark skies. We asked Nathan a few extra questions to get to know a little more about him:

1. Where are you from? Riley, Kansas.
2. What special zipline memories with guests stands out? When I received a Billy Graham book for a tip.
3. Do you have any favorite quotes or sayings? Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination is infinite. -Einstein
4. Any advice for people ziplining for the first time? After the 1st zip everything else is downhill.
5. What’s your favorite season to zip and why? I love fall because of the temperatures and the changing colors.

When Nathan’s not working hard at Wolfe Creek Preserve, you can find him out on a bike or a run enjoying nature. And, although his biggest passion is the outdoors, he also loves finding inspiration from other pursuits such as reading, writing and painting. We love his diverse set of interests, but also his enthusiasm for our guests! He says that his favorite part about working for Branson Zipline is meeting people, so be sure to make Nathan’s day (and your own) by coming out to Wolfe Creek Preserve sometime soon and experiencing the outdoors in a unique and memorable way for yourself! We can’t wait to see you!