Wolfe Creek Wednesday: Weather

Wolfe Creek Wednesday: Fourth of July
July 20, 2013
Meet the Guides: Julie Krisch
July 20, 2013

This post is a part of a series on our blog called “Wolfe Creek Wednesday.” Each Wednesday, we’ll be posting a fun fact, story, or a newsworthy piece of information about Wolfe Creek Preserve that we think you’ll find interesting! Although we’re best known for our world-class zip line course, our beautiful facility is also home to an array of indoor and outdoor activities, rich history, and a natural setting that we take great care to protect. We’re excited to have you join us each Wednesday so we can share more about our mission to make Wolfe Creek Preserve a place where people of all ages can have fun adventures and make lasting memories with loved ones!
Sunny Skies and Exhilarating Zip Lines this Summer!|
Usually in the weeks around the 4th of July the temperatures in this part of Missouri are as high in numbers as our tallest tower Everest, which is 100’ tall! This year, however, we’ve been fortunate to have sunny skies without the humid heat that usually comes along with them. The weather at Wolfe Creek Preserve has been phenomenal; gentle breezes blowing through that only become more refreshing with the wind from the zip line course blowing through your hair, mild temperatures that allow for more comfortable exploration of our property on foot, and the occasional cloud in the sky that offers a moment of cool refreshment out on the zip line course.
1069223_10151685304833236_355561096_nWeather forecasts for the next couple weeks show temperatures in the low eighties and nineties with partly sunny skies. Sounds like perfect zipline weather to us (although, almost any weather is great weather for ziplining)! Although each of our zip line towers are covered, the extra cloud cover and subtle breezes really do feel phenomenal while you’re zipping through our world class Zipline Canopy Tours!

And, if you’re not interested in the extra breeze that our zip line course offers as you sail through the trees, our guided walking tour is an excellent option, especially with the unseasonably cool temperatures. Follow our on-site horticulturist or one of our ecologically-knowledgeable guides on a gentle hike down Wolfe Mountain. While walking on the cool forest floor, you’ll have the chance to spot wildlife, an abundance of flowers and plants, learn about the history and ecology of the land, and watch fellow guests soar overhead as they take journeys through our beautiful preserve.

No matter what the weather is, we’ll be out here zipping through the canopy of our lush Ozarks property and enjoying the outdoors. Don’t let summer slip by without coming out to Wolfe Creek Preserve and experiencing nature in a way that you never have before! Tours are booking up faster than ever this summer so make sure you reserve a spot early by going to our website and booking a spot on one of our eco-adventures! We can’t wait to see you out here enjoying the weather with us!