Meet the Guides: Shelby Hood

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July 20, 2013
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July 20, 2013

When we asked Shelby Hood which season of the year is his favorite for ziplining, he answered “fall because it’s beautiful and there’s more wildlife.” His answer shows that he’s not only an excellent ziplining guide, but also a true outdoorsman! We love having Shelby as an employee because he embraces the same attitude toward nature and wildlife as we do; we love it! Our beautiful property is protected by a Forestry Management Plan that facilitates the protection of natural flora and fauna. Some wildlife that you might see if you come visit (we’re sure Shelby can find some wildlife and point it out to you) are turkeys, white-tailed deer, red squirrels, chipmunks, armadillos, and much, much more! We love Shelby’s commitment to the outdoors and sharing it with others. We decided to ask him a few questions to get to know more about him, and learned that sometimes wildlife gets even closer than you’d imagine while zipping through the trees!

1. What’s your favorite part about working for Branson Zipline? I love being outside doing something I love, and enjoying nature.
2. List other activities, interests, or hobbies that you have. Fishing, hunting, disc golf, restoring cars
3. Are there any special zipline memories or experiences with guests that stand out? I had a close encounter with a flying squirrel!
4. Where are you from? Springfield, MO.
5. Do you have any favorite quotes or sayings? Zip on!

In addition to ziplining hundreds of times through our course here in Branson, Shelby has also traveled to Marlboro Ranch in Bozeman, Montana, where he had the opportunity to zipline! This trip combined his love of the outdoors, adventure, and travel. We think that these experiences and obvious passion for the outdoors and helping guests experience ziplining in a memorable way are what make Shelby such a great guide! Shelby also shared that the reasons he loves working as a guide are that he loves being outside and meeting new people. Be sure to make Shelby’s day (and the rest of ours) by coming out to Wolfe Creek Preserve so that we can meet you and take you on the outdoor excursion of a lifetime! Whether you enjoy soaring through the trees or taking a stroll on ground-level, we have many tours that will suit you and your needs.