Meet the Guides: Ryan Gdovin

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July 20, 2013
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July 20, 2013

Ryan Gdovin has a relaxed and go-with-the-flow attitude about zipline tours at Wolfe Creek Preserve. His motto about ziplining is just to “keep calm and zip on,” a philosophy that we wholeheartedly embrace! With our hands-free braking system, mid-tour snack break, and sweet ride in a Pinzgauer to begin each tour, we fully believe in making ziplining accessible and stress-free for everyone to participate in! We love Ryan’s laid-back attitude about ziplining, and the advice of “no worries” that he offers to guests before they zip. In addition to being worry-free, Ryan is also a sweetheart. When we asked him a few questions about himself, he told us an awesome story about a surprise he planned for his fiance. Read about it in the interview below!

1. What’s your favorite part about working for Branson Zipline? I really enjoy working at heights. 2. When you’re not ziplining, what activities do you enjoy? Hockey, climbing, motorcycle riding. 3. Are there any special zipline memories that stand out? We had a family BBQ and we invited all of our families out to Zipline. My fiancé came out to zip. When she zipped into my tower I sent her back out on the Zipline and when I went to go retrieve her I had a bouquet of wildflowers that I handed to her before I pulled her back in. 4. What’s your favorite season to zip and why? Fall; cold and cool leaves. 5. If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be? I am fearless, calm and collected.

We’re so happy to have a guide working with us who is confident that each guest who visits Wolfe Creek Preserve will have a safe and memorable experience! In fact, one of the reasons that Ryan wanted to come work for us was because he loves adventure. Whether you choose to participate in one of our many zipline tours, our night zipline tours, or our hiking adventures, we’re sure that you’ll find an activity on our property that allows you to have fun outdoors in whatever form you like best! With guides like Ryan who care wholeheartedly about making sure each guest feels confident and safe on their adventures, we can’t think of anywhere else where you can create such genuine, special memories with family and friends. Be sure to check out our website for tour options and times so that you can sign up before spaces run out! Ryan and the rest of our guides would love to lead you through the treetops on the tour of a lifetime, and who knows, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get a wildflower at the end!