Meet the Guides: Julie Krisch

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July 20, 2013
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July 20, 2013

When we asked Julie Krisch to describe herself in three words, she said “laid back, fun, and outdoorsy.” Though we think all of these are true, we’d also like to share that Julie plays an integral role at Wolfe Creek Preserve and we’d describe her as hard-working, passionate about providing the best experience for guests, and extremely well-suited for her role as shift-manager. Julie has been with us since opening day of Wolfe Creek Preserve and we couldn’t be more happy to have her here!

Recently she was promoted to upper management along with Dustin Murtaugh, which means that these two stellar employees are in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes so that guests and guides can focus on the easy, breezy act of sailing through the skies instead of worrying about logistics! Dustin and Julie oversee day to day operations and make sure everyone is provided a world class experience. Additionally, they work hard to ensure that our group of guides are of the highest caliber in outdoor experience, safety, and fun! Though third party trainers are brought to teach guides safety protocol, Julie and Dustin work hard to ensure that employees are aware of how to provide the full experience of adventure, outdoor immersion, and memorable excursions that Wolfe Creek Preserve offers! We are so happy to have Julie as a member of our team and we asked her a few questions to get to know her better:

1. What made you want to work for Branson Zipline? I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation so it is right up my alley. I love being outside.  I have always worked at summer camps and as a lifeguard so this job seemed awesome. Here I get to work with all ages.
2. When was your first time ziplining?  I came to BZL the first weekend we were opened and did the Blue Streak and I had an interview the next week.
3. Do you play any sports or enjoy any outdoor activities? I love swimming, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing and hiking. I want to get more into slacklining. I’ve done some snowboarding back home. In high school I played softball and swam competitively. In high school and college I was on competitive cheerleading squads.
4.  What’s your favorite part about working for Branson Zipline?  My coworkers are amazingly hilarious. I love meeting new people from all over the country and watching them step out of their comfort zone. I also love being outdoors.
5.Do you have any favorite quotes or sayings? “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” –Michael Scott

Since Julie’s been here since the beginning, we asked what advice she would give to a first-time zipliner and she said “relax.” Whether it’s your first time ziplining or your one-hundred-and-first, make it a point to come visit Wolfe Creek Preserve sometime soon to experience what Julie’s had the chance to for three years now! Plus, Julie told us that her favorite time to zipline is in the summer at night because it’s warm outside, but not too hot. If you’re not familiar with our night tour options, be sure to check out the tours section of our website to look at available time slots! Our night tours, complete with guides in headlamps, perfect temperatures, and smaller group sizes are perfect for a fun summer-night outdoor activity! All of us here at Wolfe Creek Preserve hope to see you soon so come visit us to embark on your own outdoor adventure!