Meet the Guides: Chelsey Hadley

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July 20, 2013
Meet the Guides: Brittany
July 22, 2013

Though she’s originally from Santa Cruz, CA, Chelsey has established herself in Missouri both as a guide here at Branson Zipline and as a student at Evangel University in Springfield. Chelsey just graduated in December with a degree in Business Management (achieved with the help of her avid coffee addiction)! We’re impressed with Chelsey’s accomplishments in school as well as her many contributions to Branson Zipline!

Not only is Chelsey an exceptional guide, but she also works at Wolfe Creek Station in our unique gift shop where she greets customers, books tours, and helps guests with any questions or concerns they might have. Since Chelsey is capable of filling two different important roles at Branson Zipline, we asked her a little bit about each. She said that she “really enjoys working with guests in the office about what to expect on tour and reassuring them of their safety if they’re nervous. Once they get back from tour it’s awesome to see how much fun they had. They are always so happy that their guides instilled confidence in them.” We think it’s great that Chelsey has the opportunity to work in the office on some days and as a guide on others because she experiences many facets of our establishment and can help guests have the best experience possible no matter if she’s working in the gift shop or soaring through the sky!
We asked Chelsey a few more questions to get to know more about her:

1. What are some of your favorite sports, interests, or hobbies? Snowboarding! Hiking! Camping! Candy! Coffee! And canoeing, boating, soccer, and powderpuff football!
2. Are there any special zipline memories or experiences with guests that stand out to you? I took a group on Blue Streak; it was a group of 3 daughters taking their 80 year old mom as a surprise! I had to talk to the 3 daughters to calm them down before going off the freefall but their 80-year old mom was practically walking off on the count of 2! It was pretty funny since I expected her to be the most nervous.
3. Do you have any favorite quotes or sayings? My favorite thing to tell guests is “today is my first day” so I can really build trust from the get-go.
4. What’s your favorite season to zip and why? In the spring when everything is green!
5. If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Candy, coffee, Sprite.

We’re not sure if it’s the candy and coffee combo or if Chelsey’s just a naturally positive person, but guests and all of us here at Wolfe Creek Preserve love Chelsey’s positivity and energy! Whether she’s guiding a group through the zipline course or greeting guests at the front desks, she’s always enthusiastic and willing to help guests however she can. She shared that one of the reasons she wanted to work at Branson Zipline is because “it sounded awesome zippin’ around all day!” In addition to just “zippin’ around” with guests, Chelsey said she loves sharing the story of how we constructed the property with guests on her tours. She thinks it’s so cool that we built many of the towers on the property with the use of helicopters so that we wouldn’t disturb the natural ecology of the Ozarks that characterizes our beautiful nature preserve. We’re happy to have Chelsey with us as a valuable part of our team! To zip on one of Chelsey’s tours or say hi to her in the front office, be sure to make your reservations today for one of our eco-adventures! We can’t wait to see you out here at Wolfe Creek Preserve!