Wolfe Creek Wednesday: Come One, Come All!

Wolfe Creek Wednesday: Catering a Meal
March 21, 2013
Wolfe Creek Wednesday: The Ride of a Lifetime
April 10, 2013

This post is a part of a series on our blog called “Wolfe Creek Wednesday”. Each Wednesday, we’ll be posting a fun fact, story, or a newsworthy piece of information about Wolfe Creek Preserve that we think you’ll find interesting! Although we’re best known for our world-class zipline course, our beautiful facility is also home to an array of indoor and outdoor activities, rich history, and a natural setting that we take great care to protect. We’re excited to have you join us each Wednesday so we can share more about our mission to make Wolfe Creek Preserve a place where people of all ages can have fun adventures and make lasting memories with loved ones!

Whether you’re planning a romantic outing for two, a 75th  birthday party for forty or a corporate event for seventy, we’ve got you covered at Wolfe Creek Preserve. Today we’d like to take a little time to share different ways that groups of various sizes can enjoy our beautiful property, exhilarating zipline adventures, relaxing walks through nature, and food that everyone will enjoy! All you have to do is gather your loved ones, friends, or co-workers and arrive at Wolfe Creek Preserve for a day full of whatever activities sound most fun to you! For now, just kick back, relax, and enjoy reading about ideas we have to help groups of any number of people experience a day they’ll never forget!

A Romantic Outing
Number of guests: 2
Picture this: your significant other asks you to go ziplining for an afternoon so you slip on a comfy pair of sneakers and gear up for an afternoon of fun. The two of you peruse the gift shop and then ride in one of our Pinzgauer vehicles to the top of Wolfe Creek Mountain. Once at the top of the mountain, your significant other will zip before you. As you soar into the platform, you’ll be greeted by an engagement ring and a proposal to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – marriage! We’ve had countless couples get engaged at Wolfe Creek Preserve. If you notify us before, we’ll do our best to work with you and make the experience as special and personalized as possible. Plus, if you notify Wes far enough in advance, he can even organize one of our balconies for you to host a small gathering of loved ones to celebrate the engagement with food and festivities afterward! (And, if guests are looking for a rock for their hand, we’ve got our fun Ole’ Blue mining station where anyone can search for the precious gem of their dreams).

Not only is Wolfe Creek a perfect place for engagements, but also for couples of any age or stage in life. Our breathtaking scenery, world class Zipline Canopy tours, refreshing snack break, and exciting zipline adventure are all excellent ways to really bond with your significant other and make memories that last forever. We love hosting couples on their first date to couples that are celebrating their fiftieth anniversaries and beyond!

A Birthday Party
Number of Guests: 10-20
Maybe it’s your thirteenth birthday. Or your seventy- fifth. Or you’re losing count. No matter how old you’ll be this year, consider hosting a birthday bash as exciting as you are! The number of guests listed above is just a suggestion – whether you’d like to host a party with five of your closest friends or sixty of your friends from class, we’d love to celebrate with you! An aspect of Wolfe Creek Preserve that people don’t often realize is how flexible we are when it comes to planning activities. If some people attending your party would like to take a hike next to Wolfe Creek and others want to experience the world-renowned zipline course, we can make that happen! Every guest can create an experience at Wolfe Creek Preserve that they will cherish and remember. And, even if guests choose different activities for a few hours, we have beautiful spaces to meet up and get the real party started! If your party has less than 30 guests, our Xplorer Balcony is perched in just the right location. With a birds-eye view of the entire zipline course, stunning mountain silhouettes, and enough covered space for guests to eat and mingle comfortably, this space is perfect for cutting your cake and eating it, too! If your party has more than 30 guests, see the Corporate option below to get an idea of what our stunning Prospector Pavilion is like.

Again, whether you’re turning ninety-nine or just feelin’ twenty-two like Taylor Swift, come on out to Wolfe Creek Preserve and we’ll help you host a party that no one will forget.

Corporate Outings
Number of Guests: 30-60
Walking around the office, you see a lot of your co-workers hunched over in their cubicles, working on the latest project or proposal. Your boss has a stack of papers that rivals the height of her head and the stack of papers on your own desk doesn’t look much better. If that’s how your office looks, you need to get out and experience a day of teambuilding fun that will strengthen your company and boost morale at the workplace. Any successful business understands that happy, healthy employees are necessary for optimum productivity in the workplace, so why not take a mental health day with the whole company and come out to Wolfe Creek Preserve?

Whether you and your co-workers need to spice up cubicle life with an adventurous ride through the treetops or unwind from office stress by taking a leisurely walk through nature, we’ve got everything you need. Many different companies come to us at the end of quarters to celebrate their accomplishments and set goals for the upcoming months. Our beautiful Amish-Built Prospector Pavilion is equipped with an array of timber-wood picnic tables and a protective covering so that you can eat and mingle in comfort. We offer a variety of catering options and our Sales Manager, Wes, is happy to work with groups to provide the best experience possible.

Long story short, no matter how many people you bring to Wolfe Creek Preserve, we are happy to host you and your guests. However, our incredible gathering spaces do sell-out quickly so be sure to call Wes today if you’d like to reserve either our Prospector Pavilion or our Xplorer Balcony for an upcoming event. In addition, keep in mind that these situations are just guidelines – we work with so many types of groups and people to count! If you’ve got a youth group, sports team, birthday party for ten, honeymoon plans, convention activity, or anything else, just give Wes a call at (800) 717-0998 and he’ll help you plan the perfect adventure!