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February 15, 2013
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Looking for a job? Take this quiz to find out which position at Wolfe Creek Preserve is perfect for you! We’re currently looking for fun, outdoorsy, energetic, friendly people over the age of 18 to work with us during the busy summer months and beyond! Applications are due by March 23rd so hurry and apply today!!

1. On a Saturday afternoon, you can most likely be found:
a) Climbing a tree.
b) Going for a hike with friends.
c) Shopping for the season’s newest look.
d) Washing and polishing your car.
e) Taking a walk outdoors and photographing the buds of spring flowers.

2. If you could describe your personality in one a phrase, you’d probably choose:
a) Adventurous!
b) In tune with nature.
c) Outgoing and helpful.
d) Fun but responsible.
e) Artistic.

3. If you won the lottery, you’d spend part of your winnings on which of the following:
a) An adventurous tour of the world; skydiving, bungee-jumping, and ziplining through the jungles, skies, and mountains of every country that you could!
b) You’d buy the best backpacking equipment available, an extensive collection of guide books so you could label all of the flora and fauna in the area, and a great pair of hiking boots so you could walk through the wilderness anywhere you chose!
c) You’d definitely head out with friends on the best shopping excursion of your life!
d) A few new cars (or just one dream car) that you’d use to drive to new and exciting locations so you could explore the outdoors.
e) You might buy a brand new camera, laptop, or video camera so that you could photograph, write, and create the documentary of your dreams that might win you a contract and another million dollars!

Quiz Results
If you chose mostly “a’s”, you should probably apply to be a zipline guide. The answers you selected indicate that you love adventurous and exhilarating experiences in the outdoors, which is what we seek to provide at Branson Zipline. As a zipline guide, you’ll be working with tons of incredible new people each and every day. You’ll have the opportunity to guide an extensive variety of visitors through the beautiful treetops of our property, soaring with them on adventures that will last in their memories and yours for a lifetime!

If you chose mostly “b’s” you should apply to be a Nature Guide on our Wolfe Creek Photo Safari! Your love of the outdoors, ability to recognize various species of flora and fauna, and desire to share experiences in nature with others make you the perfect candidate for this position. In addition to guiding visitors through a relaxing hiking experience, you’ll share historic stories of the land with them and introduce them to plants and animals native to the area.

If you chose mostly “c’s”, we know you’ll be perfect as a retail associate in our beautiful store, Wolfe Creek Station. In addition to greeting visitors with a friendly smile and helping them sign up for tours, you’ll be responsible for keeping the store in tip-top shape. Help guests pick out Wolfe Creek merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, and mugs, or help them pick out memorable keepsakes and unique items such as Amish Preserves, jewelry, cute winter caps, vintage toys, cookbooks, and more!

If you chose mostly “d’s” you’d be perfect as a driver of our incredible Pinzgauer vehicles that carry visitors from the base of the mountain to the beginning of their adventures on the property. If you’re interested in cars, you’ll love getting to drive these rugged, six-wheeled off-road Swiss Pinzgauer vehicles. We need responsible, dependable drivers to drive our guests to the top of the mountain so that they can begin their ziplining and hiking adventures!

If you chose mostly “e’s” we encourage you to apply as a photographer, videographer, or writer! We need creative employees who can capture all of the incredible memories made at Wolfe Creek Preserve. Whether your talent is capturing the expression of a first-time-zipliner in a photograph, creating excellent videos that showcase our world-renowned facilities, or writing articles, press-releases, and creative blog posts about the happenings at Wolfe Creek Preserve, we’d love to have you with us to capture the special moments created here.

Have any questions about applying? We compiled a brief set of FAQs to share below, but if you have further questions about applying or what it means to be an employee at Wolfe Creek Preserve, leave your question in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to answer!

1. What is the schedule/hours like? This varies depending on the time of the year, we run tours daily March 1 – December 31, as early as 7:30am and into the night; during the summer our last tour comes in at midnight! We provide tours 7 days a week, including all holidays. Wolfe Creek Station is open all hours we have tours out.

2. What are fun previous or post experiences of some of the guides? One of the really cool things about Branson Zipline are the guides – everyone has a unique and outgoing personality – along with special talents and interesting hobbies. Every tour is a new experience – each guide brings something new. For instance, Kyle Baker is an artist, joke-teller, and magician. Ace is a musician, he plays the piano and sings, and enjoys writing his own music. You will recognize Michelle by her accent – she was born and raised in Germany and has traveled extensively. Julie Krisch has a degree in outdoor recreation.

3. What are some of the responsibilities/fun aspects of the job? Though this is a very physical and demanding job it is an awesome experience for those who love being outside interacting with people on daily basis – those who can’t imagine being stuck in a cubical or behind a desk and can say they have never met a stranger need apply! Every day we are soaring through the beautiful Ozark Mountains telling stories and learning about people from all over the world. How much better does it get than that?! We get to make friends with people from all walks of life with all kinds of life experiences. It is so much fun learning about them and their families. We get to go on vacation with new friends every day and many of our guests are celebrating something special – whether it be a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or marking ziplining off their bucket list. It is an awesome experience to be a part of this once in a lifetime experience.

4. Are positions at Wolfe Creek Preserve typically summer jobs or year round? For a large part of our staff this is a seasonal position, because many are attending college. However, we have our core staff who are with us through the season and year round. Branson Zipline in currently in the process of expanding in the area and to some other exotic locations, so our staff not only has the opportunity to make a career out of working at Branson Zipline, but at other locations too!

Remember that applications are due by March 23rd so be sure to turn yours in as soon as possible! We look forward to meeting all of the fun, outdoorsy, friendly, adventurous people that are sure to apply for the rewarding and exciting positions that we have to offer. Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see photos from our world-class facility and share these job opportunities with friends that might be interested in applying. Apply today and who knows, you could end up spending your summer breezing through the treetops with the best!