Wolfe Creek Wednesday: Nature Preserve

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February 1, 2013
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February 15, 2013

We’re starting a new series on our blog called “Wolfe Creek Wednesday”. Each Wednesday, we’ll be posting a fun fact, story, or a newsworthy piece of information about Wolfe Creek Preserve that we think you’ll find interesting! Although we’re best known for our world-class zipline course, our beautiful facility is also home to an array of indoor and outdoor activities, rich history, and a natural setting that we take great care to protect. We’re excited to have you join us each Wednesday so we can share more about our mission to make Wolfe Creek Preserve a place where people of all ages can have fun adventures and make lasting memories with loved ones!

Nature Preserve
33: the number of acres of land we’ve preserved here at Branson Zipline. When you think of visiting us at Wolfe Creek Preserve, you might think of us as being just another ziplining company. Although we’re very proud of our world-class zipline facility, we’re more than just that. Our zipline course is surrounded by an abundance of nature. While on any of our tours, you’ll see lush trees towering into the sky, sturdy beds of Dolomite rock peeking through brush, and catch glimpses of white tail deer and their young running through the forests, armadillos foraging for food, and a variety of squirrels flinging themselves from tree to tree. We know so much about our land because we hired a forester to visit our property and complete a full inventory of Wolfe Creek. He identified and inventoried every plant and tree on the property, which is how we developed a forestry management plan that we carefully adhere to. We treasure all of these natural assets and have implemented a forestry management plan to protect and preserve the beauty of our land for generations to come.

When building our zipline course, we knew that we wanted our visitors to experience more than just an exhilarating ride through the air; we wanted our guests to truly engage themselves in eco-adventures that would facilitate genuine interactions between family, friends, and the beautiful environment. With these goals in mind, we spent extra time and money to ensure that our zipline course was built in the least invasive manner. We used helicopters to set the poles for our zipline and bridge towers, recycled wood from zipline corridors by using it as railways and walkways on our Wolfe Creek Photo Safari trail, and enacted the forestry management plan that we mentioned.

The forestry management plan helps us make decisions that protect and preserve native species, foster the ecological diversity of the forest, improve water resources, and maintain habitat life. In addition to our forestry management plan, we greatly value Safari Dan’s wisdom in terms of the outdoors. Safari Dan is our resident horticulturist who loves immersing guests in outdoor experiences and sharing his love for the beautiful Ozark Mountains with everyone he meets. He’s committed to preserving our beautiful Ozark property and has done a lot of work to record the flora and fauna that graces our land. We asked him a few questions about why he thinks that our natural preserve is such a valuable place.

1. What are some of the most common forms of wildlife and flora you see on the property? Well, while out on Photo Safari I usually see white-tailed deer, turkeys, the occasional fox, squirrels and turtles. The most common tree on the property would have to be the oak tree. We have 6 different species of oaks on site. The most common wildflower seen almost all summer and fall would be the Purple Coneflower.

2. Why is protecting the environment of the preserve important to you? Protecting the environment and ecosystem here at Wolfe Creek Preserve is very important to me because we have such an ecologically diverse piece of property. Here at Wolfe Creek preserve we have 28 different species of trees, and 32 different species of Missouri Native Wildflowers. It is truly a unique place, one where the family can spend quality time together, and it offers many people who might not otherwise get to spend a day in the Ozark woods a chance to get off the pavement and see nature as it has been for ages.

3. What do you love most about seeing people interact with nature while at Wolfe Creek Preserve? One of the most rewarding things I get to see and hear while on a Photo Safari, is when a small child says “that’s cool”, or when I show someone how to tell how old a tree is. I also love to hear stories from guest about how they remember being in the woods and their dad or grandpa telling them useful things about the woods and the environment.  Every chance I get to share nature with young people is a chance that they might become inspired to be the next generation that sees the value in preserving the flora and fauna of this region.

4.What are some of your favorite aspects of spending time in the wilderness of this preserve? One of my favorite things about spending time out in the woods is that I get to see when the first spring wildflower opens, or when I get to see a baby fawn. I am out there enough that some of the animals start to know that I am not a threat and allow me to get close and sometimes take a great picture. I just like being in tune with mother nature.

If you are interested in experiencing our beautiful property and adding some eco-adventure to your life, consider joining us on one of our tours! For a bird’s eye view of the property and the surrounding Ozark Mountains, soar as high as the squirrel’s do through the treetops on one of our zipline tours. If a relaxing nature walk sounds more your speed, consider a Wolfe Creek Photo Safari Guided Walking tour, where Safari Dan will lead you on a gentle walk down the mountain. Or, if geology is one of your interests, try mining for gemstones after ziplining or hiking through the property. At our Ol’ Blue Gemstone Mining station, you can sift through bags of dirt and rocks in an attempt to strike it rich. No matter what you enjoy, we have many ways for you to connect to nature and your loved ones here.

When bringing a group of family or friends out to our beautiful 33 acre nature preserve sounds like the perfect day, give our Sales Manager Wes a call at (800) 717-0998 and he can help you book one of our pavilions in addition to organizing an eco-adventure of any kind! Our property is the perfect place for birthday parties, family reunions, corporate outings, spring break trips, church retreats, and just for a fun day out with family or friends! No matter the season, our beautiful zipline facility is the perfect place to enjoy the outdoors and your loved ones!