Getting to Know Wolfe Creek Preserve: Everest

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January 30, 2013
Wolfe Creek Wednesday: Nature Preserve
February 6, 2013

A daunting climb both physically and mentally, Mount Everest has inspired and challenged people from around the world, including Eli Wolfe. In this last installment of “Getting to Know Wolfe Creek Preserve,” we’re focusing on Everest tower, the tallest tower at our facility that stretches 100 feet above the ground. While standing on top of this tower, you’ll experience breathtaking views of the surrounding Ozark Mountains and a gorgeous sunset over far-off hills if you zipline close to dusk.

The tower of Everest was inspired by a journal entry we found in Eli Wolfe’s belongings, where he discusses his attempt at climbing Mount Everest. As you might know from reading this series of posts about the Wolfe’s, they were a family characterized by a zeal for life and following adventure wherever it led. Eli was very similar to his father when it came to adventure, it seems. Just like his father Isaac, Eli explored the world in hopes of finding new challenges that would encourage him to live life to the fullest. On his adventures, he heard about Mount Everest and was determined to reach the summit.

Perhaps inspired by his Ozark Mountain roots, or simply by the dazzling height of Mount Everest itself, Eli endeavored to climb it. His journals are incomplete so we don’t know if he made it or not, but he did leave us with some beautiful words of wisdom that not only apply to climbing mountains, but to living life. Eli often said that “if you ever wanted to completely conquer your fears, all you had to do was climb Everest. Getting up there was the easy part,” he always said, “but it’s coming down that determines just what kind of man you truly are.”

We took Eli’s words to heart when building our world-class zipline course. After you soar into the last tower along the course, you are greeted with an exciting proposition, to continue your adventure and add the Blue Streak Fast Line and Free Fall Xpress reaching greater heights by soaring 150 feet above Wolfe Creek in order to reach the tallest tower of the course, Everest. If you choose to take the adventure, you’ll find yourself repeating Eli’s words of wisdom over and over in your head, because the way you’ll be coming down from your ziplining journey is through a 100 foot powerfan freefall before safely reaching the ground below. And we want you to seize adventure while you’re here because we were the first facility in North America to offer the powerfan freefall and we are still one of the only places in North America where you can experience this type of adventure. Either option that you choose at the end of your tour is full of fun and excitement, but we hope that you embrace Eli’s adventurous zeal for life when you visit.

We’ve created a facility that cultivates genuine interactions between family, friends, and loved ones because of the excitement and energy that accompany soaring through the treetops. We know that for some people, staring up at Everest tower on our zipline course can be daunting; for others, Everest tower immediately fills them with excitement. Whether you are nervous about heights or embrace them, know that our zipline course is of the highest safety and our guides of the highest caliber. We strive to create a place where anyone can become like Eli, a man who lived life to the fullest and pursued his dreams even when they seemed challenging. In addition to that, he cherished his days with his mother Sarah and his father Isaac while growing up in the midst of the Ozark Mountains. We challenge you to cherish your family as much as he did by bringing family, friends, and loved ones out to Wolfe Creek Preserve to experience adventure, incredible natural surroundings, and memories that will last forever.