Wolfe Creek Wednesday: Themed Zipline Course

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January 25, 2013
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February 1, 2013

We’re starting a new series on our blog called “Wolfe Creek Wednesday”. Each Wednesday, we’ll be posting a fun fact, story, or a newsworthy piece of information about Wolfe Creek Preserve that we think you’ll find interesting! Although we’re best known for our world-class zipline course, our beautiful facility is also home to an array of indoor and outdoor activities, rich history, and a natural setting that we take great care to protect. We’re excited to have you join us each Wednesday so we can share more about our mission to make Wolfe Creek Preserve a place where people of all ages can have fun adventures and make lasting memories with loved ones!

Themed Zipline Course
If you’ve been out to zipline with us, you probably realized that we are different from any other zipline experience out there. Not only do we feature a world-class zipline course, a powerfan freefall, the opportunity to mine for gemstones and spectacular views of the surrounding Ozark Mountains, but we’re also unique for another reason: we are the only themed zipline in the country. That’s right, we really are one of a kind!

As we’ve talked about in our “Getting to Know Wolfe Creek Preserve” series on the blog, we are committed to preserving the history of this land. This is why we have integrated stories of the Wolfe family into the zipline course and walking tour so that all visitors get a sense of what life was like for the Wolfe family and experience the same respect for the land that the Wolfe family did.

If you’re asking yourself “who is the Wolfe family?” right now, then let us fill you in. Born in the 1830’s, Isaac Wolfe grew up in Austria but quickly began searching for adventure elsewhere. A desire to explore the world influenced him to travel to California, where he was highly successful during the Gold Rush. He spent some time (and money) travelling and finally settled down on the gorgeous piece of land where Wolfe Creek Preserve is now located.

When Isaac settled on the land, he married a woman named Sarah. The two of them had a son named Eli and the Wolfe family lived their days to the fullest on the land. Some memories that the Wolfe family treasured and shared with us through journals and other writing were experimentations in mining, saving an Amish family from a huge bear (you can see the bear in our gift shop), Eli’s first attempt at “ziplining” on his mother’s clothesline, and Eli’s attempt to climb Everest. Eli left many journals and letters sharing just how much his beautiful home in the Ozark Mountains and his family meant to him. Through his words and actions, he conveyed that his parents raised him to respect the land, maintain a healthy sense of adventure, and treasure his family.

We love these ideals so much that they’ve become a part of our business practice. Here at Wolfe Creek Preserve, we love bringing families together through outdoor adventures and fostering relationships and memories that last a lifetime.In order to bring the history of the land to the forefront of our zipline course, we have condensed the story of the Wolfe family and posted it along the zipline course so that each tower you soar toward contains the next element of the Wolfe family story. If you’d like to read portions of the story online, check out our “Getting to Know Wolfe Creek Preserve” series on the blog. Better yet, make plans to come visit Wolfe Creek Preserve and hear the story told in the breathtaking setting where it takes place. Whether you choose to zipline through the only themed course in America, or embark on the Wolfe Creek Photo Safari and Guided Walking Tour, our knowledgeable guides will share the Wolfe Family story with you during your adventure.