What’s Happening in January at Wolfe Creek Preserve?

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December 26, 2012
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January 18, 2013

All of us here at Wolfe Creek Preserve hope that you had a memorable holiday season full of family and fun! We loved being a part of the season for everyone who came out and ziplined with us in November and December; families, couples, and groups of friends had a blast bundling up and zipping through the bare trees around them because it gave them a chance to see wildlife and warm up with a cup of cozy hot chocolate afterwards!

As you might know, we’re closed in January and February. What you might not know is why, so we’re here today to give you the inside scoop regarding what we’re accomplishing during these couple months. We’ll be purchasing new merchandise for our store, replacing all of the ziplines to ensure optimum safety, preparing to hire and train staff for 2013, and counting down until March 1st when all of our wonderful visitors return! Over the next few blog posts, we’ll be elaborating on what each of these tasks mean and how they help us maintain such a world-class facility.

Since we’re heading to Atlanta to a wholesale merchandise market this week, it seems like perfect timing to give you an idea of what happens at our unique store, Wolfe Creek Station throughout the year. There’s no better person to describe what goes on in the store than Brooke Morrow. If you’ve visited Wolfe Creek Preserve, you probably remember the friendly face that greeted you. Always smiling, helpful, and full of positive energy, Brooke makes her challenging job look fun. The best part? She really enjoys meeting guests, helping them sign up for a tour that will allow the whole family to have fun, organizes, restocks, and keeps the the store clean, making sure that families are ready for the ziplines and even getting out on the zipline course herself sometimes and guiding! We asked her a few questions to get to know more about her and what she does to make the store the great place that it is!

How did you get involved at the store? I was hired as a guide, so for the first few months all I did was guide tours. When the season started to pick up we still didn’t have any front desk help so they asked me to fill in for a while. I ended up enjoying the gift store and I am in the office/gift store a majority of the time. I still get to guide and go on tours here and there which is awesome because once in awhile it’s nice to get out of the office and have fun on the zip lines!

What is your favorite part about working at the store? My favorite part is how many people I have the chance to meet! During the summer, we can have hundreds of people a day visiting our store. There is such a variety of people too: age, ethnicity, experience. People from different countries that are visiting America, people who have zip lined all over the world, people with very interesting stories come here almost every day and I have the chance to greet and talk to many of them.

What aspects of Wolfe Creek Station set it apart from other shopping experiences you’ve encountered? We have tons of antiques and unique items that I have never seen at any other retail store. Our Retail Sales Manager, Vicki, does a wonderful job of picking out merchandise that relates to people of all ages. So, you’ll  be able to find a souvenir for everyone back at home!

What are some top-selling items in the store? Definitely our logo items like t-shirts, hoodies, shot glasses, and ball caps have been top sellers. After that would be our Amish Feast (which is jam, jelly, veggies etc. that is picked and canned by Amish folk). We also sell many gift items – handmade jewelry, nostalgic toys, hats, items from our garden area.
So, we know what the visitors to the store like to buy, but what are some of your personal favorites? Hmm, we have some beautiful flower-pressed pendants attached to necklaces that I adore- I’ve already bought two for myself. My other favorite is made by the company Baabaazuzu. They make items like coats, mittens, scarves, brooches, purses, etc. and the best part is each of their items comes from vintage wool so each piece is unique.

Any exciting additions to look forward to? Later this month we will be getting our new merchandise! We also rearranged our entire store, so for people who will be returning to us it will also be a change.

Thanks, Brooke for giving us some insight to the hard work that you put into the store! We’re sure that Brooke would agree when we tell you that it’s never too early to sign up for a zipline tour; if one of your resolutions this New Year was to spend more time with family, get outdoors, or try something adventurous and exciting, sign up for a tour at Wolfe Creek Preserve now! Additionally, we highly encourage visitors to schedule birthday parties, family reunions, or corporate getaways in advance so call our Sales Manager, Wes at (800) 717-0998 today to set up a date for your next big event!

We’re taking off now to shop until we drop in Atlanta for a slew of new items. We’ll be scouring the aisles for unique and innovative merchandise that will appeal to any and every age group. We hope that you stop by in March to say hi to Brooke, check out the new goods in the store, and get out for the first zipline of the year!

In our next post, we’ll be letting you know about the extensive measures we take to ensure that our zipline course is world-class. The whole month of February is dedicated to replacing the ziplines on the course, a practice that we choose to incorporate into our yearly schedule as part of our desire to be the best and safest zipline. We’ll give you more details on that in the next post. Until then, we hope that you’ll pick up your phone and let us know you’ll be visiting in March, or head to our website www.BransonZipline.com to make reservations to come zipline as soon as we re-open!

You can make reservations for March 2013 (and beyond) by visiting the “Tours” section of our website or by calling (800) 712-4654. We look forward to your visit!