Soar into the New Year at Wolfe Creek Preserve!

Gift Guide: For the Family
December 22, 2012
What’s Happening in January at Wolfe Creek Preserve?
January 12, 2013

By now you’ve probably picked up the last scrap of wrapping paper from the floor, carefully stored all your ornaments, and are looking forward to the new year. So are we! For many, the new year often means a list of resolutions, and the chance for a fresh start. In January, we’ll be shopping for merchandise to add to our store and in February, we give our zipline a fresh start by replacing the cables in order to keep our zipline course as safe as possible. Before we take our two month break to refresh and rejuvenate Wolfe Creek Preserve, come by and see us!

Don’t wait for the new year to make resolutions about spending more time with family, or seeking more adventures. Do it now! Wolfe Creek Preserve offers many opportunities for families and friends to interact with the outdoors and each other in unique ways. End this year in an exhilarating way by taking a ride through the trees on our world-class zipline course. If that isn’t enough speed to satisfy you, we have the Blue Streak Fast Line and the exciting Free Fall Xpress where you can experience a fun adrenaline rush like no other. If one of your goals for 2012 was to spend more quality time with family or enjoy the outdoors, we have the Wolfe Creek Photo Safari led by Safari Dan. This relaxing hike down our mountain is perfect for meaningful conversation with family, relishing in the beauty of the Ozark Mountains, and walking off a few of those sugar cookies that you enjoyed during the holiday season. 
If those aren’t enough reasons to stop by, consider shopping at our store one last time this year before we buy new merchandise! We have an incredible selection of gifts, clothing, preserves, books, jewelry, and tons of fantastic Branson Zipline Merchandise to help you commemorate your special experience with us. After exploring the store, you can mine for precious gems as a family or enjoy a snack out on one of our patios. We guarantee that spending an afternoon (or the whole day) at Wolfe Creek Preserve will be one of the highlights of the 2012 year because of the incredible opportunities for adventure and family bonding that we create here. Add Wolfe Creek Preserve to the top of your to-do list and soar into 2013 with us!