“Fall” in Love with Ziplining This Season!

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October 21, 2012
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December 17, 2012

These might be things that you associate with fall: pumpkin pie, vibrant leaves, corduroy pants, apple cider, and crisp mornings. Why not add spice to more than just your latest apple pie, and spice up an afternoon by ziplining through the gorgeous fall foliage here at Wolfe Creek Preserve? We love fall: the near-perfect temperatures, beautiful shift of the landscape from green to vibrant orange, red, and yellow, the opportunity to cozy up with a glass of hot chocolate on cool mornings, and the atmosphere of family-togetherness that fall seems to suggest. There’s no better time to bring your friends and family on an adventure you won’t forget!

Wolfe Creek Preserve is beautiful year-round, but since we’ve taken such great care to preserve the natural landscape, we especially appreciate the brilliant shades of autumn colors that cover the rolling hills around us. When building Branson Zipline, one of our main priorities was maintaining the natural beauty of the environment; we used helicopters to set the poles for our bridges, and we are governed by a forest management plan that ensures all of the fall-foliage around us stays protected for everyone to enjoy. And what better way to enjoy the trees than by soaring past the treetops? With our sky bridges and ziplines, you’ll be able to walk and fly with the falling leaves, experiencing fall in a way you never have before!

In addition to ziplining, our photo safari tour is a great way to experience the fall season. One of our Pinzgauer vehicles will take you to the top of the mountain on our property, where you’ll have an astounding view of the surrounding Ozark Mountains painted orange, red, and yellow by the changing trees. Once on the walk, you’ll hear the crunch of leaves under your feet, get to know more about the plants and animals native to the land, watch zipliners soar through the trees, and breathe in the crisp, fall air. Halfway through your tour, you’ll have an opportunity to rest on one of our benches with a refreshing beverage and snack so that you feel refreshed for the rest of the gentle walk down the hillside.

After ziplining or taking a relaxing walk through nature, you’ll want to visit our unique store, Wolfe Creek Station. We sell merchandise that we think is perfect for fall: Amish jam to spread thick on bread, cozy sweaters for cool mornings, mugs to hold steaming hot cider, oven mitts to use when pulling fresh pumpkin pies from out of the oven, chunky-knit scarves in every color, and many, many more special items that you can’t find anywhere else.

Apart from our desire to help you “fall” in love with nature here at Wolfe Creek Preserve, we really want you to know that Wolfe Creek Preserve is a place where no matter the season, genuine connections with friends, families, co-workers, and acquaintances can be forged. Whether you choose to experience the adventure of a lifetime on one of our ziplining tours, take a rejuvenating walk through the woods, or simply reserve one of our rustic, nature-inspired pavilions for a special afternoon, Wolfe Creek Preserve is a place you need to visit this fall.