Meet the Guides: Paul Weingartner

Meet the Guides: Andrew
October 15, 2012
“Fall” in Love with Ziplining This Season!
October 29, 2012

Paul Weingartner is a true sport and adventure enthusiast. When we asked him what his favorite sports and outdoor activities are, he said “everything”! And, we believe him. Paul enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, camping, playing Frisbee, hiking, driving cars, and doesn’t turn down the opportunity to enjoy any new sport or activity. He loves guiding people through the zipline course, and someday hopes to open an exciting outdoor facility of his own: a mountain biking park. Since he loves the outdoors and adventure so much, we can’t think of a better place for him to be than here with us, guiding guests through ziplining experiences every day. To get to know more about Paul and his commitment to helping people experience and enjoy the same outdoor adventures that he loves, we asked him a few questions:

1.        If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be? The gentle giant.
2.        What’s your favorite part about working for Branson Zipline? Having a blast and laughing with guests.
3.        Are there any special zipline memories or experiences with guests that stand out? Brett and I taking 2 elderly ladies on a “private” tour.
4.     Any advice for people ziplining for the first time? Step off. Don’t think, have a blast!
5.        Any fun facts about yourself? I wear a size 17 shoe.

If you’re looking to experience the outdoors (or get a glimpse of our own Big Foot), sign up today for an adventure at Wolfe Creek Preserve that you won’t forget. Even though Paul would probably argue that every season is the perfect season for adventure, he admits that he does have a fondness for fall. In his words, “it’s not too hot, not too cold, and you get to see the leaves changing”. If the thought of flying through a forest full of fall-colored trees isn’t enough to entice you, maybe spending time with adventurous Paul, or any of our other excellent guides will. All of our guides are enthusiastic, and ready to take you on a ziplining tour during any season, so book a tour with us today and experience the outdoors in a new way.