Meet the Guides: Kassidy Porter

Corporate Outings at Wolfe Creek Preserve
October 4, 2012
Meet the Guides: Caleb Foley
October 12, 2012

From nearby Bolivar, Missouri, Kassidy knows firsthand how beautiful Missouri is. However, her love of Missouri hasn’t held her back from traveling to other beautiful places in the world: she’s been to the Great Pyramid, Hawaii, and more. Her desire to explore the world, love of the outdoors, and upbeat personality are all reasons that we love having Kassidy as part of our team of guides. In order to get to know a little bit more about Kassidy and her adventurous spirit, we asked her a few questions about herself:

1.       What’s your favorite season to zip and why? Summer, its warm and sunny
2.       Have you been ziplining anywhere else? Yes, last spring I ziplined in Maui.
3.       What sports or outdoor activities do you enjoy? I love running, swimming, and anything outdoors. I also love traveling.
4.       Any fun facts about yourself? I once tried to climb the great pyramid and got in trouble.
5.       Do you have any favorite quotes or sayings? “We’ll jump and we’ll see, that’s life”.

Not only is Kassidy a fan of adventure, travel, and ziplining, but she’s also a big fan of the guests that visit Wolfe Creek Preserve. When we spoke to her, she said that one of her favorite memories was a group that did zip dancing while on tour with her. If you’d like to zipline (or zip dance) with Kassidy, she’ll tell you to “go for it”, an encouraging phrase that characterizes Kassidy’s enthusiasm for guests, ziplining, and embracing adventure. We’ll second Kassidy on that one: just go for it, and plan a tour with Wolfe Creek Preserve today!