Corporate Outings at Wolfe Creek Preserve

Meet the Guides: Michelle Meltke
September 25, 2012
Meet the Guides: Kassidy Porter
October 8, 2012

Who’s the leader when it comes to hosting corporate events? We like to think that we are. With our extensive range of activities, multi-faceted facilities, and our customizable, personal approach to hosting corporate events and meetings, there is no better place to build teamwork, accomplish goals, and grow together as a company. Need proof? We’ve had three incredible groups of employees from various corporations visit our facility in the month of September. We’ve enjoyed catering to their specific needs in order to provide them with momentous experiences! The three corporate groups who took a break from the office to take care of business outdoors were Kirby Vacuum who booked us through the Travel Network, The Arvest Mortgage Lending Team, and O’Reilly Auto Managers. We were so glad to welcome all of them and offer our facility for celebration, team-building, and more. Here are three reasons why you should book your company’s outing or meeting at Wolfe Creek Preserve:

1.       Celebration: You’ve heard of employee motivation, right? Employees work better when they are motivated by specific goals that are feasible for them to meet. Arvest Mortgage Lending Team certainly knows the value of celebrating a job well done; they came to Wolfe Creek Preserve on September 14th with 12 of their team members to celebrate some goals that were met by their Mortgage Lending Team. We were happy to provide them with a day full of fun and celebration! They chose to embark on our Ozarks Xplorer adventure, a zipline course comprised of seven ziplines and ten sky bridges that are a celebration for anyone who chooses to take on the adventure. But don’t take our word for what a great experience ziplining is – Robin, from Ozark, Missouri who enjoyed the day alongside her Arvest coworkers, said this about the day: “We had a group of about 10 and they made it smooth and seamless. Everyone involved in the tour was friendly, truly enjoyed their job and knew what they were doing to keep all parties safe while have a great time. I will definitely return for the Blue Streak tour and bring my family!” We were happy to be a part of the Arvest Mortgage Lending Team celebration, and welcome any group who has reason to celebrate!

Members of the successful Arvest team geared up and ready for a ride in the Pinzauger!

2.       Team Building and Training: An important component of any company is a strong foundation of teamwork. If employees can work together, anything is possible! And what better way to build trust and teamwork than by experiencing a zipline course together? Thirteen O’Reilly Auto Managers convened at Wolfe Creek Preserve on September 22nd to experience the Flying Prospector Tour. Featuring four ziplines and seven sky bridges, the tour was a great way for the team members to build teamwork and have fun in the process!

Team-oriented O'Reilly Auto Managers gather for a group shot before embarking on their adventure!

3.       A Corporate Outing: Traveling and experiencing new places as a company can help significantly when it comes to productivity, maintaining a sense of community, and encouraging innovation in the workplace. Additionally, sometimes a corporate outing to a new place serves as a great break from the everyday toils and demands of the workplace. Kirby Vacuum certainly recognizes the importance of traveling and exploring as a company; twenty three members of the company from the Great Plains Region based out of Nashville came to experience our popular Blue Streak Fast Line and Free Fall Xpress. They booked their tour through Travel Network, which led to them stay in the beautiful Chateau on the Lake Hotel in Branson. Integrating Wolfe Creek Preserve into their corporate outing was an extremely successful decision on behalf of both Travel Network and Kirby Vacuum: they truly enjoyed the enriching experience that a day spent ziplining and enjoying the outdoors could bring to their employees.

Members of the Kirby Vacuum company spent time with us during a fun corporate outing!

Over the years, we’ve hosted many different groups and companies. We absolutely love seeing people relax, bond, grow, and succeed together on our zipline courses; all characteristics that later translate into success at the office-place. We make it a point to cater to the needs of each group that contacts us so whether you’re interested in a restorative nature walk on our Photo Safari Tour, a technology-filled workshop in the midst of the beautiful Ozark mountains, or a team-building experience ziplining, we are here to work with you to create your corporate outing the best it can be. We were so happy to host Kirby Vacuum, Arvest Mortgage Lending Team, and O’Reilly Auto Managers during the month of September because their dedication to the wellbeing of their employees, their investment in teamwork, and their dedication to success inspire us to continue maintaining the top-tier facility that we pride ourselves in being. If you’d like to help your corporation succeed by engaging in any one of our successful team-building exercises, or by utilizing our top-notch facilities, we’d love to help you attain your goals! Wes Stoner, our Sales Manager, would be more than happy to work with you to create a program that specifically meets your needs. Contact him at [email protected] or 800-717-0998.

Do these corporate outings seem like something your company could benefit from? How about similar bonding experiences with your family or large group of friends? If you have any group that you’d like to bring to Wolfe Creek Preserve, don’t hesitate to contact our sales manager, Wes Stoner. He’s more than happy to work with you to create a beneficial experience for any group or company that might be interested.
Wes Stoner
[email protected]