Meet the Guides: Megan Dornin

Wolfe Creek Preserve AGLOW with Visiting Outdoor Writers
September 13, 2012
Meet the Guides: Michelle Meltke
September 25, 2012

Wolfe Creek Preserve is a place that offers something for everyone. For a relaxing afternoon, we have rocking chairs on our porches. For a fun day of calm activities, we offer shopping, mining for gold, and a beautiful walk through nature. For those looking for adventure, we offer ziplining. And, for people who don’t get enough of an adrenaline rush from ziplining, we have the Blue Streak Fast Line and Free Fall Xpress. Megan Dornin, one of our guides, is a big fan of the adrenaline-rushes available at our facility. When we asked Megan what made her want to work for Branson Zipline, she cited “adrenaline and adventure” as the two factors that attracted her to guiding guests on exciting zipline experiences. We asked Megan to share her sense of adventure with us, and here are some answers to the questions we had:

1.  What’s your favorite part about working for Branson Zipline? Definitely the guests that are scared and the helping them conquer their fears.
2.  What are some of your favorite activities or sports? I barrel race horses and play basketball.
3. Are there any special zipline memories or experiences with guests that stand out?  I had a lady on tour who was terrified and would step down and sit in her harness and scream for at least two minutes before zipping, then scream all the way down the line and while being unhooked. She had a blast.
4. Any fun facts about yourself?  I love to play Call of Duty, not typical of most girls.
5.  Any advice for people ziplining for the first time?  No hesitation, just sit and go.

If you feel like embarking on the adventure of a lifetime, bonding with family and friends over an exciting experience, or experiencing the outdoors in an entirely new way, come visit Wolfe Creek Preserve to engage in any one of the amazing activities we have to offer. Our facility is open year-round, which makes it so that you can experience every season while soaring through the air. We are wrapping up our summer season and looking forward to the beautiful color changes of fall. So is Megan: fall is her personal favorite season for ziplining because “it’s amazing weather”. Come experience Megan’s favorite elements of Wolfe Creek Preserve (adrenaline and the beautiful fall season) and bring your family and friends out to our versatile facility to enjoy the beautiful season!