Meet the Guides: Ed

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April 25, 2011
Meet the Guides: Kyle B.
December 14, 2011


If you are from Wisconsin or are a Green Bay Packer fan you will love ED! You see, he is our NFL quarterback, Aaron Rogers look alike!  Newly engaged Ed has been a part of BZL since spring 2011. He likes to describe himself as exuberant, exciting and excellent; I think he is our all around Mr. Congeniality! Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan his father moved the family to Rogersville, Mo and that is where he spent most of his childhood. Somehow between the mix of states, Ed became a Michigan Wolverines fan and he will never fail to let you know.

Ed plays a huge role here at Branson Zipline. You never know where you’ll find him – cheerfully greeting guests as they check in at Wolfe Creek Station, driving you up the mountain in our Pinzgauer, or as a guide on your tour!  In his off time Ed enjoys watching football, spending time with his Fiance, Erica, and taking trips. He loves all kinds of people and insures that each person he meets at Branson Zipline will have the experience of their lives!

Q & A with Ed!  
What do you like about working at Branson Zipline? The People are excellent and its fun!
What is the best vacation you’ve ever had? California with my fiance Erica this past year. But, we are going to Vegas in February and that may outdo California!
Do you play a musical instrument? Which ones? No I’m boring… I clap.
What is your favorite season and why? Spring because it is not cold and not hot!
So when is the perfect time to zipline? Anytime!
Best advice for a new zipliner? Just own it and go for it!


If you have any questions that you would like Ed to answer, feel free to ask away!