Branson Zipline Begins to Wrap Up the Construction Details

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March 30, 2010
Branson Zipline Begins to Build Its Team!
April 8, 2010

The heavy rain slowed us down a little today, but not before we made some big strides! The last of the poles for our zip line towers have been set. This was a rather difficult task seeing as each pole rose to 120 feet in height, but it was nothing our crew and a crane couldn’t handle. We also managed to string the zip line that travels from the top of Wolfe Creek Preserve to the final tower – if you are driving along Highway 65 stay on the look out for some amazing views! All we have now is to dial the lines and build the platforms for the tower; very exciting.

In other news, we have brought a few more able hands onto our crew to help speed the construction of the hand rails and ramps that will make ascending to the top of our towers a breeze. Don’t worry though, the extra crew members were brought in to ensure that we can pick up speed without loosing any quality control.

Aside from wrapping up the construction of the zip line courses, we have begun to find all sorts of one-of-a-kind goodies and knick knacks for our gift shop, Wolfe Creek Station. We still aren’t quite ready to announce all that Wolfe Creek Station will entail, but are sure that guests will be every bit as impressed with it as they are our actual tours.

We posted a few new pictures of the 120 foot poles being put in place and encourage everyone to view the image gallery for a better understanding on just how tall 120 feet is. And of course, don’t forget to continue to visit Branson Zipline Blog regularly for new updates.