Getting Down to the Finishing Touches with Just Months Until Our Grand Opening

Branson Zipline Unveils a New Tour Option!
March 10, 2010
Branson Zipline Receives Some New Toys!
March 17, 2010

Between the progress of the week and potential progress of the weekend, we have a number of things to report. We have begun pouring the foundation for our gift shop, Wolfe Creek Station, and are excited to get it completed and stocked. We don’t want to give away an idea on the exact sort of items we will be carrying just yet, but we think you will pleasantly surprised by the variety – you may even stop by just to shop from time to time!

As for the actual course, we are putting the finishing touches on the platform decks for our zip line towers. Additionally, members of the crew are testing the zip lines, and we are proud to report that they are both safe and fun! As you are driving along Highway 65, just north of Branson, be sure to keep an eye out; you may see us testing the course!

Of course, it wouldn’t be an update without pictures. Be sure to check the image gallery for shots of the crew putting final touches on the zip line towers. We also encourage you to look over some of the older photos for a sense of the progress we have accomplished over the last few months. It has definitely been hard work, but we are more than proud and sure that we will be a quality addition to the Branson entertainment scene.