Branson Zipline Takes Flight with Soaring Results

Officially Back on Track
January 26, 2010
Despite More Winter Weather Work Continues
February 9, 2010

We rented a helicopter yesterday and made an incredible amount of progress! Again, we rented a helicopter!!! As you will see from the pictures in the image gallery, the crew had a blast sitting back and letting the chopper do all the heavy lifting (to be fair, the crew still worked very hard).

In total, we put 38 poles in place, including complete sets for five new towers! The helicopter also helped us put poles in place for our suspension bridge that will cross the creek that cuts through the property and placed palettes of materials to complete the remaining towers in their designated locations.

Not surprisingly, this has been a big boost to morale for us all at Branson Zipline, and has more than provided the energy needed to continue through to completion – perhaps even before expected!

Aside from the major progress made on the actual course, we are continuing to work on the parking area and gift shop, though admittedly the camera was centered on the helicopter for most the day; we didn’t think you would mind. Anyways, definitely visit the image gallery for a better understanding of how the property is coming along and to check out the numerous shots of the helicopter in action!