Branson Zipline Stays on Its Grind

Working Around Winter Weather
January 11, 2010
Back to Business as Usual
January 25, 2010

There isn’t much to report as we continue on with the ground work. As has been the case off and on over the past few weeks, we are continuing to drill the holes that will eventually stabilize our tower platforms. We know this was mentioned yesterday, but having to drill each hole nine feet into what is more or less solid rock makes for a tedious task. Nonetheless, we are continuing to put the nose to the grindstone and stay on pace.

As for actually erecting the platform towers, we are having to continue to wait for the snow to melt, though the weather has warmed up nicely over the past couple days and spirits are high all around.

As we mentioned earlier, there isn’t a lot to report today… Um… Oh, the ‘breaker’ that we had to bring in to make level space for the gift shop; we haven’t had to use it yet! Of course, with a couple weeks of work left on the leveling project we are still anticipating to get our money’s worth out of the rental.

You won’t find a whole lot in the way of progress on the image gallery today, but we were able to hike around for a few hours and find a wide variety of colorful and unique fungus and moss growing on some of the older trees. We know fungus may not sound that exciting (or appealing), but a quick flip through our pictures may change your mind! Continue to visit back regularly as we fully expect to get back to constructing the actual zip course any day now, and don’t forget to view the image gallery!