Winter Weather Threatens to Slow Us Down; We Are Aren’t Afraid

Returning to Work at Branson Zipline
January 5, 2010
Working Around Winter Weather
January 11, 2010

[singlepic id=425 w=320 h=240 float=left]Just as soon as we get back into the thick of it the weather decides to turn sour! We finished drilling holes for our latest platform site, bringing us to a current total of five platform locations and two standing platforms. We had high hopes to get more platforms started this week and continue drilling holes at the remaining platform sites, but that plan seems to be changing.

We are expecting to get hit with another winter storm sometime tonight that will last into morning, making it next to impossible to continue with progress for the next few days. If we are lucky, we may be able to continue on at the end of the week, but it is looking doubtful at the moment.

Regardless, we’ve ran into setbacks before, handled them brilliantly, and have no doubt that we will have to do nothing more than lightly skip over this latest obstacle.

For those in the Ozarks, be sure to stay bundled up if you have to be outside. And for everyone, be sure to routinely check back this week – even if we do get a little snow we may still be able to push forward; if so, we will definitely be keeping you updated on the progress.

Until next time, visit our image gallery to check out the latest pictures of the tundra landscape that we are currently working in.