Continuing Work On Our First Two Platforms

The First Two Platforms Are Near Completion!
December 16, 2009
Big Progress Before the Break
December 18, 2009

[singlepic id=193 w=320 h=240 float=left]As we continue to near completion on the first two platforms, a variety of other changes and progress are taking place at Branson Zipline. Currently, we are working on the specifics of the zipline placement, trimming tree lines to ensure that our visitors won’t get caught on stray limbs.

Also, throughout the day, the dump trucks were continue to show up just about every hour on the hour with dirt to help level the parking area and site of the gift shop. On a side note, the dump trucks have been having trouble with the path and we had to lay gravel along the trail to help provide traction.

If all goes according to plan, we should see the parking lot finished by weekend’s end, and hopefully see the completion of at least one platform. If not, we will most likely have to wait until after the holidays as the crew is set to take off for the season on the 19th or 20th.

On a final note, if you have enjoyed the photos of the past couple days you will definitely want to check out the image gallery additions from today – there are some great ones of both the crew working high up on the platforms and general scenes of nature.