Weather Slows Progress

Platforms Started
December 7, 2009
Side Ad 1
December 9, 2009

[singlepic id=85 w=320 h=240 float=left]For the first time since beginning construction, there isn’t much to report. If you saw the pictures from yesterday you know that we have been battling overcast the past few days, and it finally won in the form of rain. The crew did manage to erect another set of platform poles late yesterday, but today it is too muddy to continue construction. Still, we got out to the site to capture a few photos.

If it looks bleak, it should – its freezing rain! Even still, despite the gloomy sky, drizzle and numerous mud puddles the area still seems to carry a distinctive Ozarks charm about it that we think comes through rather nicely in the pictures posted.

As of now, it is still predicted to be cold and cloudy tomorrow, but by the end of the week the weather should be taking a turn for the better, and we will hopefully have lots more to report at that time. Until then, feel free to browse the photo gallery and our daily progress and read through some of the past blog posts.